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Agile Transformation

Project Consulting Group is passionate about the difference high-performance agile teams can make. We facilitate the transformation from traditional methods to an Agile framework. Agile transformation requires a mind-set change that many organizations may find challenging to apply if not executed properly. Instead of attempting to roll out Agile transformation through the entire organization simultaneously, PCG drives Agile success through a gradual and sustainable implementation.

Plan – Prepare the organization’s leadership through training and mentorship. Facilitate the organization of agile teams.

Train – Educate the roles and teams on the agile values, principles, and associated framework. Incorporate train-the-trainer strategies where applicable.

Coach/Catalyst – Prepare the team(s) for high-performance results while reducing the initial friction, tension, and stress due to change.

Your business must evolve to stay competitive. Use a business transformation approach to achieve lasting success.

Experienced Consultants

Get advice & counsel specific to your business needs from a team of veteran consultants with firsthand executive-level experience.

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Identify barriers at the source through in-depth diagnostics that permanently resolve issues preventing your organization’s growth.

Proven Solutions

Enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness using a proven process applied to over 1800 successful business transformation projects.

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