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The best training worldwide on Enterprise Agility

The Enterprise Agility Foundations (I) course provides immersive learning based on the neuroscience of change, organizational psychology, exponential growth theories, and groundbreaking concepts, modern techniques, and custom models developed by EAU to effectively accelerate the transformation, expand Agility across the whole organization understand how to build an enterprise that can consistently deliver innovation..

If your team is struggling to get momentum with your company’s change, finding it hard to scale ideas and mindsets, or finding high levels of resistance in your company, then you should consider this course.

What are the benefits?

This course prepares you to lead exponential change. It prepares you, empowers you, and develops you to spearhead real change. The output from this course is not just another certificate to hang on the wall! The certificate is a validation of your learning and a celebration of your milestone.

Who will benefit from this course?

Agile Coaches, Change Consultants, HR, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Change Agent, or anyone interested to accelerate change in the organization

What is this course about?

The Enterprise Agility Foundations (I) course facilitates the creation of a deep understanding of the art, science, and the skills related to change leadership techniques that can be leveraged by Organizational Leaders, Change Agents, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, HR, and other leads in a variety of large-scale contexts. Enterprise Agility University provides a specialized learning environment that empowers participants to get immersive learning. We provide a place, in which you will be able to combine your experience with the best organizational change techniques safely and co-creating with peers. We believe in neuroscience concepts to deliver great experiences.


– Current challenges with market strategy, execution across your organization
– Different techniques when transformation/changing more traditional companies
– How organizations can deliver value in disruptive markets while maintaining innovation.


– Most suitable organization structures and team design and analyze different approaches for alignment to end value delivery.
– The way the brain works during change and how it can become skilled in accelerating change across diverse organizational structures/silos.


– The impact of accelerated change on Leaders, Management, and Team members, and how to deal with it when facing disruptive markets.
– Why the five pillars of Enterprise Agility are the foundations to designing a Leadership & Culture Transformation strategy.
–How to enable impactful actions to establish solid, long-lasting ability to deliver change.

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